Meet Your 2018-19 NCHC Officials

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Meet Your 2018-19 NCHC Officials


Meet Your 2018-19 NCHC Officials


Here are the 2018-19 National Collegiate Hockey Conference officials. There was a list in the press box last night so I snatched it up and I’ve posted it here for you, just in case you want to use it as a reference.

How Long is Too Long?

This past weekend’s non-conference series against the Wisconsin Badgers was marred with long reviews on borderline penalties. Not every checking from behind penalty needs to be reviewed. Officials should use their judgment and not have to rely solely on the video. On-ice officials are human, yes, they’re going to make mistakes, don’t be afraid to make the call. Own it.

Long reviews can kill a team’s momentum. I like the concept of reviewing a play to make sure that the on-ice officials make the right call. Yes, this is a great rule. However, this rule might need to be tweaked. College hockey doesn’t need games creeping into the three-hour range. I would like to see these reviews shortened. If the on-ice official can’t see something in a couple of minutes. It’s not there. The on-ice official should make their decision and move on.

Again, this past weekend, against the Badgers, there were two reviews that were really, really long. It’s infuriating. The one call in question looked like a solid minor penalty and not worthy of a major penalty, yet the review started creeping into the 7-10 minute review. That’s way too long.

Then during the same period, the on-ice officials missed an obvious checking from behind penalty on Joel Janatuinen in the opposition’s end that should have resulted in a five-minute major and a game misconduct.

UND head coach Brad Berry. (Photo Credit: Eric J. Burton)

“They’re tough, UND head coach Brad Berry said. “Again, it’s protocol of trying to get the call right. It is what it is. The biggest thing is making sure that bench with our captains and our group have to stay focused and get ready. That’s a good way, number one get some rest. Number two, get ready for the next five-minute increment of the game.”

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