Myles Turner opens up about trade rumors, future in Indiana

There have been rumors throughout the past few seasons that Myles Turner of the Indiana Pacers could be getting traded sometime soon. He survived a few seasons and trade deadlines, with no trade happening. Although no trades have happened, the Pacers’ willingness to attempt to sign DeAndre Ayton should mean that the team is going to look to move Myles Turner sometime in the near future.

Myles Turner Comments on Trade Rumors

Turner addressed the trade rumors, via Andscape

“I didn’t look up what Tanzania was like on Google. I didn’t look up what Africa was like. I didn’t really even ask for people’s opinions. I just wanted to go into it super clear-headed. For me personally, with all this, the wildness that goes on with the season and offseason trade talk, I wanted to put all that behind me. Get off social media for a bit. Turn my phone off and not talk to anybody in the Western world. I was able just to be completely in the present and completely in the moment. And that was the most rewarding part for me. This is my fifth offseason with trade rumors going on. ‘He’s going to land here; he’s going to do this. He going to do that.’ I am finally numb to it, in a sense. So that’s another thing that I was proud of myself for as well. I was able to immerse myself in the experience of Africa as opposed to my own personal life or my own selfish reasons.

My mentality was already just up and down with the dealing with the [foot] injury. Basically, that took me out for nearly half of last season. So, I was just yearning and looking for somewhere else to find some peace. And I feel like this trip was the perfect thing for it. I wasn’t necessarily using it for that, but that’s what it turned into. I’m very happy that I went, and I plan on going next couple of offseasons, too. I want to continue to make this a hopefully annual thing.”

It’s going to be interesting to see if Indiana does eventually decide to trade him, but it does seem likely that it is going to happen at some point in the near future.