NCAA Ice Hockey Committee Reverses Course

Here we go UND vs BSU

Good Afternoon. I am back from my much-needed vacation. I think the fish in the Round Lake area will be happy my vacation is over.

While I was gone, The NCAA Men’s and Women’s Ice Hockey Rules Committee decided to alter its overtime proposals after receiving membership feedback.

Back in June, the NCAA Men’s and Women’s Ice Hockey Rules Committee proposed a standardized overtime format for all regular-season games and in-season tournaments beginning with the 2018-19 season.

Meaning, when a game ended in a tie after regulation, the teams would play five-on-five for five minutes to determine a winner. If neither team scores, the result will be a tie. There would be no other options, including alternative formats for points in conference standings.

I am not surprised this happened. After making their proposal in June, Ice Hockey Rules Committee got the hell beat out of them after their ill-advised rules proposal.

In their new proposal, NCAA Men’s and Women’s Ice Hockey Rules Committee reversed themselves and decided that the conferences may elect to use one of two alternative formats to award points in their standings after the mandatory five-on-five, five-minute overtime period. All proposals will be considered by the Playing Rules Oversight Panel on Wednesday before they can become effective.

“The process has always allowed for reconsideration,” said committee chair Joe Bertagna, commissioner of the Hockey East Association. “The membership was given the chance to comment after our initial work was made public. The committee had the benefit of time to consider all ramifications of its work. In short, the system worked.”

National Collegiate Hockey Conference Commissioner Josh Fenton is happy with the reversal.

Earlier today, Fenton tweeted, “The NCHC is grateful for the Ice Hockey Rules Committee listening to the feedback from many to re-adjust Overtime. We will continue our own efforts to evolve the format so that all NCAA IH student-athletes & fans can experience the excitement we have seen to-date!”

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