Prediction: The Clippers Will Play on Christmas Next Season

NBA: Los Angeles Clippers at Golden State Warriors

By this time next year, the Clippers will play on Christmas Day.

While the Clippers flew under everyone’s radar this year, that won’t happen next year. The team is going to have more national exposure, and will return to their spot on Christmas Day. There are two big reasons for this: the current team is proving themselves worthy of the spotlight, and the team will sign a big free-agent this upcoming off-season.

Proving Grounds

Tobias Harris has graduated from “most underrated player in the NBA”, to the Western Conference Player of the Month for October/November. Montrezl Harrell is proving himself to be either the Most Improved Player of the year, or the 6th Man of the Year. Danilo Gallinari is playing the best basketball of his NBA career, positioning himself back in the conversation of “top 10 small forwards in the league.” Last but not least, everyone just loves watching Boban Marjanović play basketball. Putting this all together, the Clippers as a whole have proven themselves with an impressive 19-14 record. They’ve played exciting basketball that’s caught the eye of the national media, and will catch the eye of national television next year.

The 2019 Off-Season

What many seem to forget, is that everything the Clippers have done in the last two years is for the 2019 off-season. The organization is in one of the healthiest situations they’ve ever been in. LA has a great young core, a group of defensive minded players, two max-contract spots, and has the mastermind of Jerry West behind the scenes. With all of this in mind, the team has been linked to signing NBA Superstars Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard. While there is no guarantee who the team will sign, they’ve proven themselves to be a destination next season, and will sign a big free-agent.

Clipper Nation may have lost the opportunity to witness their team on Christmas this year, but that won’t be the same situation next year. Get excited, the future is bright.

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