Reliving The Highs And Lows Of The Epic Colorado State Vs. Colorado Football Game

Deion Sanders

The Rocky Mountain Showdown college football game between the University of Colorado and Colorado State University happened in Boulder on Saturday night.

This is a heated interstate rivalry that got more heated this week after Colorado State’s head coach Jay Norvell made personal comments about Buffs head coach Deion Sanders.

Here are the highs and lows of the game that Colorado ultimately won in double overtime.

1. High: The Game Lived Up To The Hype

The actual game did not fall flat amid high expectations.

A packed stadium of both Colorado and Colorado State fans had ringside seats for all of the excitement.

2. Low: Cheap Shot On Travis Hunter

A cheap and completely unnecessary shot on the sidelines that garnered a personal foul penalty sent Hunter to the hospital and will likely keep him out of action for a few weeks, according to Coach Prime.


3. High: Colorado State Successfully Made Shedeur Sanders Uncomfortable

Norvell said that part of the game plan was to make Buffs quarterback Shedeur Sanders uncomfortable so he could not make the plays he had in the team’s previous two wins.

Sanders had just 69 yards of passing in the first half of the game so mission accomplished.

How Sanders overcame it was another high of the game.

He channeled his inner Tom Brady who is a mentor he talks with frequently.

4. Low: A Very Late Game For East Coast Fans

This game was not over until about 2:00 AM EDT.

I realize it is a West Coast game, but kickoff at 10:00 PM EDT when everyone in the country is interested in this game seems a little too late.

8:30 or 9:00 PM EDT would have been better.

5. High: A Classy Exchange Among The Head Coaches

After days of publicity between the two head coaches, the pair had a classy handshake and brief chat on the field after the game.

6. One Extra High: Shilo Sanders Came Up Big For Buffs

It was only a matter of time before Shio Sanders made his presence known on his Buffs team.

Wearing his dad’s #21, Shilo had a huge night with a huge Pick 6 and a fumble.

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