Shohei Ohtani upset, blames himself for Angels loss

This season for the Los Angeles Angels might be one of the more disappointing seasons that they’ve had in the past decade. Considering how bad they’ve been with Mike Trout and some others, it’s tough to say that this year has been that disappointing, but many were thinking that the Angels might even find a way to make the playoffs.

With guys like Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout, not making the playoffs is always going to be an embarrassing look to the rest of the league and for fans of the MLB.

It’s obvious that things are getting tough for everybody in Los Angeles, including Shohei Ohtani, who is now putting blame on himself. If there’s one guy on this roster that doesn’t deserve any blame, it’s likely him. The Japanese star is hitting .253 this season with 23 home runs and is also getting the job done on the mound. He’s currently 9-7 with a 2.83 ERA and has struck out 152 hitters in 105 innings pitched.

Shohei Ohtani Upset With How He Played

Shohei had the following to say to ESPN about not hitting with runners in scoring position:

“Especially in the situation with (runners on) second and third, one out (in the third inning), I felt like if I came through in that at-bat, we could have won the game,” Ohtani said through his translator. “Since I didn’t, I felt like that was the biggest moment of the game.”

Los Angeles is going to have a lot to figure out during this year’s offseason, and hopefully, they can finally do something that will actually make this team competitive. They need to go out and add a few bats, but more importantly, they need to get better on the mound.

It’s questionable how Los Angeles hasn’t figured this out yet, but you will not win in this league if your pitching isn’t at least average. The Angels have a lot of work to do, but they have their two guys and unless they’re going to trade them, they need to figure this thing out sooner rather than later.