South African Track Star Oscar Pistorius, Convicted Of Murdering Girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, Granted Parole

Oscar Pistorius

37-year-old South African track star Oscar Pistorius has been granted parole for murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp and will be released from prison on January 5, 2024.

Pistorius’s early life was an inspiration to many.

He was born with a congenital defect and at 11 months of age, both of his feet were amputated.

Pistorius competed as a sprinter in both Olympic and Paralympic events.

The narrative of his life changed dramatically on February 14, 2013, when he shot Steenkamp through the closed bathroom door at night.

He claimed that he thought Steenkamp was an intruder hiding in his bathroom.

The case made worldwide headlines because of his celebrity status and because his story never made sense.

#HerNameWasReeva is the hashtag going viral to remember Steenkamp.

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