Steelers Have Communication Issue Within Organization

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cincinnati Bengals

There has been no team discussed more this NFL offseason than the Pittsburgh Steelers.

They seem to be in the news every day with something new.

Pittsburgh acquired Justin Fields from the Chicago Bears, signed Russell Wilson, and traded Kenny Pickett to the Philadelphia Eagles.

They are trying to revamp an offense that has been one of the worst in the league for a few years.

With all the moves, there has been drama brewing for the Steelers.

The messaging coming out of the organization has been highly inconsistent.

Reporters can not seem to agree on what has transpired inside the organization.

Below, we will look at some of the inconsistencies coming out of the Steelers organization.

Pittsburgh Steelers 2024 Offseason Filled With Inconsistencies

All this started with the signing of Russell Wilson and trading Kenny Pickett.

ESPN’s Brooke Pryor wrote a lengthy article on how the Steelers transformed their Quarterback room in 13 days.

One of the things Brooke says in the article is that Wilson did not ask for assurance about a starting job and the Steelers did not give any assurance, according to her source.

However, CBS Sports’ Aditi Kinkhabwala reports that the Steelers made it clear to Russell Wilson that he would start.

Before the Pickett and Fields trade, ESPN’s Adam Schefter seemed to agree with Kinkhabwala’s report as he stated “I don’t think Russell Wilson goes to Pittsburgh with the idea he’s gonna back up Kenny Pickett”.

In her article, Brooke states “The Steelers believed, one team source said, that adding Wilson “would have been a benefit to Kenny,” and the pursuit of Wilson would “kick Kenny into gear” and reignite the competitive fire that had made Pickett so attractive to Pittsburgh in the draft evaluation process. The Steelers’ plan, communicated to Pickett upon Wilson’s signing, per a team source, was that Wilson would take the first-team reps, but it would be an “open competition.”

This conflicts with Aditi Kinkhabwala stating Pickett did not run away from competition as he was explicitly told Wilson would be the starter.

Another conflicting report coming out of the Steelers is whether Russell Wilson will be with Pittsburgh for a short or long period.

Pgh-Post Gazette’s Gerry Dulac reports the Steelers and Wilson intend to do a longer deal at the end of the 2024 season.

However, ESPN’s Adam Schefter says if Wilson doesn’t play well during training camp, he could be released.

Aditi Kinkhabwala also stated the same thing Schefter reported while on 93.7 The Fan radio in Pittsburgh.

Schefter and Kinkhabwala’s report makes more sense than Dulac’s as the Steelers are only paying Wilson $1.2 million for the 2024 season.

It is a low-risk investment for the Steelers and Wilson has not shown the last two years that he would be a long-term answer at the QB position for the Steelers.

Steelers Brass Need To Get On The Same Page

The messaging from reporters has been inconsistent and contradicting.

This is to no fault to the reporters as they can only report the information given to them.

The inconsistent messaging is an issue within the Steelers organization.

They need to get on the same page and have some consistency coming out.

Pittsburgh has not won a playoff game since 2016 and all this drama will not help their cause.

The Steelers traded Kenny Pickett and need to move on from him instead of constantly leaking information regarding the former Steelers QB.

Pittsburgh was very active in the offseason as their lack of playoff success continued last year.

Not only did they completely change their QB room, but they also signed LB Patrick Queen, RB/KR Cordarelle Patterson, Safety DeShon Elliott, traded away WR Diontae Johnson and acquired CB Donte Jackson in the Johnson deal, and signed WR Van Jefferson.

All these moves mean Mike Tomlin is under more pressure to win a playoff game than ever in his tenure with the Steelers.

They still have a lot of needs on the offensive line and at WR to address in the 2024 NFL Draft but the Steelers were unusually active this offseason.

Instead of all these inconsistent messages coming out of the organization, the Steelers need to get on the same page and concentrate on winning their first playoff game since 2016.

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