Tom Brady Responds To Shedeur Sanders’ “Brady Mode” Postgame Comments

Shedeur Sanders, Tom Brady

The Rocky Mountain Showdown between Colorado State and Colorado on Saturday night was full of surprises and star power on the sidelines.

Deion Sanders, the Buffs head coach, has a way of attracting stars no matter what he is doing in his storied career.

We also know that Sanders enlisted the help of former NFL greats and Pro Football Hall of Famers, Michael Irvin and Terrell Owens, over the summer to work with the Buffs.

What we did not know is that future Pro Football Hall of Famer Tom Brady is acting as a behind-the-scenes mentor to quarterback Shedeur Sanders.

How we found out the extent of their relationship was in the post-game interview with Sanders who engineered a 98-yard game-tying drive and successful two-point conversion to send the game to overtime.

Shedeur talked about going into “Brady mode,” and he said that Brady talks with him after every game.

Brady responded with classic humility on Sunday morning.

He said:

“I just want to go Shedeur mode at some point in my life.”

Shedeur Sanders will be tested in the weeks to come without his favorite target Travis Hunter who was the victim of an egregious late hit that will likely cause him to miss games.

Brady knows a thing or two about handling these types of situations so he will continue to be an asset to Sanders in his development.



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