WATCH: Go Inside The Newly Renovated Boston Red Sox Clubhouse at Fenway Park

WATCH- Go Inside The Newly Renovated Boston Red Sox Clubhouse at Fenway Park

The Boston Red Sox unveiled their newly renovated clubhouse ahead of MLB Opening Day 2023. Check out the Red Sox clubhouse, which includes 16 TV displays that form two 360-degree jumbotrons.

The Boston Red Sox clubhouse at Fenway Park received some major upgrades heading into the 2023 season.

The upgrades were part of a larger renovation plan at Fenway Park, one of the MLB’s most historic ballparks. Opened in 1911, the ballpark will be celebrating its 112th anniversary on April 10th but you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking inside the clubhouse.

The Red Sox’s new clubhouse is jam-packed with features that fans will have to see to believe.

The recent upgrades to the club include customized maple lockers, modern lighting, and sound systems, and 16 TV displays that combine to form two 360-degree jumbotrons. In addition, food and beverage stations have been added to enhance the overall experience.

Check out the Red Sox clubhouse below.

Fenway Park Renovations For MLB Opening Day 2023

The Red Sox players weren’t the only ones to benefit from the renovation project.

The coaching staff and women’s locker room also received a facelift and the team even made a new addition to the Kids Concourse in Right Field.

The coaches’ offices received a significant, including new TV screens, maple lockers, food and beverage stations, and a private restroom and shower area. The women’s locker room has also been outfitted with the same amenities.

For the fans, the biggest addition is a new pitching cage located on the Kids Concourse in Right Field, which gives kids a chance to test their pitching velocity while enjoying the newly renovated Fenway Park.

Along with renovations for the players and fans to enjoy, the Red Sox also made some adjustments to the field, including the installation of energy-efficient LED lights, larger bases, and five new pitch clocks as part of a leaguewide mandate.

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