How To Play Blackjack – Ultimate Guide On How To Win At Blackjack

The first step in learning how to play Blackjack is to have a firm grasp of the rules. You can find plenty of blackjack tables with the online casinos we have reviewed, but jumping onto them is only worthwhile once you understand the game itself. 

Below, we have broken down how blackjack works and even thrown in a few tips and strategies to enjoy online blackjack.

What is Blackjack? How it Works

So, is blackjack a game of luck or skill? Well, to know how to play blackjack at a casino, you need to understand the game’s basic rules. First, you and the dealer are dealt two cards.

We will touch on how the value of the cards works shortly, but the game’s objective is to get 21, or as near to 21 as possible, to beat the dealer. The dealer will keep drawing cards until they hit at least 17.

You can hit (take another card) or stand (remain with the cards and total you have). If the dealer goes over 21, it’s a bust, and they lose. However, if they reach a number between 17 and 21, you must have a total higher than the dealer to beat them.

The only real difference between playing blackjack in real life and playing online is the dealer. The brick-and-mortar and online live casino tables have human dealers, while an online blackjack table has RNG (random number generator programs) to draw cards.

How to Play Blackjack Online

Understanding how to play blackjack in a casino is not all that difficult. Here is how the blackjack rules are usually applied to your game.

Step 1: You must deposit into your casino account first. You can choose one of the best online blackjack casinos if you don’t have a preferred choice – some players may prefer Bitcoin blackjack. Once you have done that, you can choose a table to buy in at an online casino.

Step 2: The random number generator will then shuffle and cut the deck of cards.

Step 3: Now, place your bet.

Step 4: Cards are then dealt to you and the dealer. With your cards face up, and the dealer with 1 card face up and the other face down.

Step 5: Decide how you want to play your hand, hitting or standing. The dealer plays after you.

Step 6: A winner is decided. You win if the dealer busts or you are the closest to a total of 21.

Step 7: Cards are reshuffled, and the next round starts.

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Playing Blackjack – The Game Guide

There are a few different elements to Blackjack that make up the game. To know how to play blackjack and win, you need to understand the various parts of the game. Let me break down the different factors.

The Table

The blackjack table is where the game happens. It fits many players, even more so with offshore online casinos. The table has spaces for cards, the dealer’s spot, and marks for bets and card placement. It shows house rules, like minimum and maximum bets.

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The Two Betting Areas

In blackjack, players bet in two spots. The main circle is for initial bets. The blackjack insurance area is optional and kicks in if the dealer’s upcard is an ace. Here, players bet that the dealer has a blackjack. If correct, the blackjack odds pay 2:1, giving something back if the main bet is lost.

Knowing how to use these areas helps in managing bets and making smart choices. That said, you should be wary of overusing the insurance option.

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The Dealer

The dealer in blackjack runs the game and talks to players – the dealers at live online blackjack casinos are human. They are seated in the middle, dealing cards, taking bets, and enforcing rules. Dealers follow set rules for hitting or standing, shaping each round’s outcome.

Players compete against the dealer, not each other. The dealer’s upcard, the face-up card, affects player decisions.

Understanding their role, rules, and impact is key to making good choices and winning in blackjack. Of course, with standard blackjack at online casinos, there is no actual dealer, but it functions in much the same way.

Blackjack Card Values

The blackjack game rules largely center around the values of each card. You don’t know how to win at blackjack if you don’t know how these values work towards your goal of getting as close to 21 as possible. Here are the values of the different cards.

Tens & Picture Cards

Tens and picture cards (kings, queens, jacks) in blackjack all carry a value of 10. Whether it’s a 10 itself, a king, a queen, or a jack, each contributes the same value to the overall hand. Just remember all picture cards and the number 10 are all valued the same.

Numbered Cards

Numbered cards in blackjack hold their face value, meaning a 2 of hearts is worth two, a 5 of clubs is worth five, and so on. These cards provide the foundation for a player’s hand, and the goal is to combine them strategically to get a total as close to 21 as possible without going over it.


Aces in blackjack are versatile, acting as either 1 or 11 points, depending on what benefits your hand. The flexibility of the ace is valuable, allowing you to adapt your strategies based on the other cards you receive. A hand containing an Ace and a 10-value card is blackjack, the highest winning combination in the game.

Top Blackjack Tips

Now, blackjack for beginners can be tough, but with a few useful tips, we try to make things at least easier for you.

  • Follow basic strategy: Stick to basic blackjack strategy charts, guiding decisions based on your hand and the dealer’s upcard. This fundamental approach minimizes the house edge and improves overall gameplay.
  • Manage your bankroll: Set limits for your bets and establish both winning and losing thresholds before playing. This disciplined approach ensures responsible gambling and a more enjoyable gaming experience. Most of the top blackjack casino apps provide settings to control how much you wager.
  • Understand dealer’s upcard influence: Consider the dealer’s upcard when making decisions. Change your strategy based on their visible card, especially when deciding to hit or stand, to increase your chances of winning.
  • Avoid insurance bets: Resist the temptation of insurance bets, as they often have a high house edge. Focus on your main hand and strategic decisions rather than diverting resources to insurance bets. It seems like a safe bet, but often, it isn’t.
  • Never chase your losses: You are going to lose a couple of hands; it’s only natural. That said, never try to chase your losses with bigger bets to win it all back; it only leads to further losses.

Best Blackjack Strategies

To really know how to play online blackjack with real purpose, you need to appreciate various strategies you can employ – and there is no need for card counters! Here are some strategies that you should make an effort to remember.

Never Split 10s

It’s a steadfast rule in blackjack: never split a pair of 10s. When you’re dealt two 10-value cards, you already have a powerful hand totaling 20. Splitting this pair introduces unnecessary risk, potentially turning a winning position into two weaker hands. Holding onto the formidable 20 allows you to stand confidently, increasing the probability of outperforming the dealer.

Split Aces and 8s

In contrast to 10s, always seize the opportunity to split Aces and 8s. When you split Aces, you create the potential for two hands, starting with an Ace, increasing the likelihood of achieving blackjack. Splitting 8s transforms a challenging hand into two hands that can be improved. This strategic move optimizes your chances of building strong hands and gaining an edge over the dealer.

Double Down on 11 Against Dealer’s 2-10

When your initial hand totals 11 and the dealer shows a 2 through 10, seriously consider doubling down. Doubling down involves doubling your original bet in exchange for receiving only one additional card. This strategic move takes advantage of the dealer’s weak upcard, enhancing your potential winnings when in a favorable position.

Hit Soft 17 Against Dealer’s 10

If you’re dealt a soft 17, consisting of an Ace and a 6, and the dealer reveals a 10 as their upcard, hitting is generally the preferred action. While hitting introduces some risk, it offers the opportunity to improve your hand without the fear of busting, potentially leading to a stronger total that can compete more effectively against the dealer’s higher upcard.

Early Surrender

In blackjack, early surrender is a strategic move that allows players to forfeit their hand before the dealer checks for a natural blackjack. This option is beneficial when facing challenging scenarios, minimizing losses by sacrificing only half of the initial bet. It emphasizes effective bankroll management and calculated decision-making for long-term success, underscoring the importance of understanding specific game rules.

Play Free Blackjack

It seems like a lot to learn how to play the blackjack card game, but free demo play with the right online casinos can help you understand the game better. By using demo play, you can practice without using any of your cash, and you can practice some different strategies that you have learned from betting guides such as this.

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Money Management in Blackjack

You should now have a pretty good idea of how to play casino blackjack, but before you start, here are some vital money management tips. We have touched on a few already, but let’s round them up before you go.

Set a budget: Always have a set budget in mind before you start playing. You may understand blackjack and how to play the game, but that doesn’t change the fact that you should never go overboard.

Set win and loss limits: Decide what amount you are aiming to win and what amount you are happy with losing. Go no further on either side. Remember, winners know when to stop and include both while winning and losing.

Smaller bets to start with: Start off with smaller bets to build up your bankroll. It’s a great way to stretch your deposits.

Maintain a record: Try to keep track of all the bets you make. It seems tedious, but it will help you see any patterns that may be emerging with your play. Most of the top casino apps provide options to view betting history.

Stay cool: As mentioned earlier, never play while you are frustrated. It leads to chasing your losses, which is almost always a bad thing.

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