Week 1 Mailbag


What’s up, Colts fans? The regular season. It’s here. Finally. The team set off a bit of a firestorm within…

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Week 5 Mailbag

What’s up, Colts fans? Last Sunday’s game was fun for about 30 minutes, then we all wanted to start throwing…

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Week 2 Mailbag

Hello Colts fans. It’s good to be back, even though the team appeared to be thinking about something else last…

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NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans

Week 17 Mailbag

Hello, Colts fans. The inevitable happened last Sunday, as the Colts were finally eliminated from the playoffs with a 33-25…

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Week 15 Mailbag

Hello, Colts fans. I don’t really want to rehash it, but the thinkable happened last Sunday. The Colts came out…

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Week 14 Mailbag

Hello, Colts fans. I was pretty happy after Monday’s big win over the Jets. Forgetting the team has fatal flaws…

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Week 11 Mailbag

Hello, Colts fans. I hope everyone survived the bye week intact. I do find it kind of humorous that Week…

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Week 10 Mailbag

Hello, Colts fans. This week’s is maybe the lightest mailbag I think we’ve had during my time at CA. Compared…

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Week 9 Mailbag

Hello, Colts fans. The boys lost to Kansas City last Sunday in a game the Chiefs spent a large portion…

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Week 8 Mailbag

Hello, Colts fans. The boys managed to steal victory from the grasp of defeat in Tennessee on Sunday. This win…

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Surrender by General Cornwallis to the American commander at Yorktown, Virginia on 19 October 1781

Week 4 Mailbag

Hello Colts fans. It’s London time. The time where, after three straight late afternoon games for a team who plays…

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