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Jake Odorizzi

13 Sep 18

Tuesday Night – Twins 10, New York Yankees 5 – I’m not sue how I missed posting this. I could have sworn I did. But I mean, the Twins (…)


First thing I want to say is that I have to tip my cap to the Tampa Bay Rays. Not because they beat the Mets two out of three this (…)


Last Night: Twins 5, Baltimore 4 – The Orioles scored 3 runs in the first inning, two of which came from the beleaguered Chris Davis, when (…)

27 May 18

Last Night: Seattle 4, Twins 3 (12 innings)  – The Twins wasted another pretty good pitching outing, but this time, the outing came (…)

21 May 18

Last Night: Twins 3, Milwaukee 1 – The Twins claimed the final game of this series, thank goodness. Jake Odorizzi pitched like a stud, and (…)