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Chris Flexen

16 Jun 19

So Jason Vargas cramps out of the game in the bottom of the fourth while batting and we’re all wondering what we did in a former life to (…)

05 May 19

Little did Pete Alonso know when he hit a game tying home run in the ninth inning what hell he wrought to Milwaukee. Instead of a tidy 2-1 (…)

27 Sep 18

I said the same thing about R.A. Dickey after the 2012 season, and I’ll say it now. No matter what happens in the Cy Young voting over (…)

09 Jul 18

First thing I want to say is that I have to tip my cap to the Tampa Bay Rays. Not because they beat the Mets two out of three this (…)


The Mets are pulling off a tank job so good you’d think Andrew Luck was in the draft. And they’re somehow doing it before our very eyes, (…)