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Michael Conforto

02 Oct

I missed the first two innings of tonight’s Mets game seeing of Wilmer Flores could lift the Giants into the division championship (he (…)

01 Oct

It occurred to me while I was on my way to Citi Field for “Closing Night” that I will had gone to three games during the 2021 season. (…)

19 Sep

The conversations I’ve been having with my Mets fan friends have revolved around the same general theme: Who stays and who goes for (…)

14 Sep

At about 11:30 this morning I got an e-mail titled “We Want You Back”. Yup, a Mets season ticket representative … on the morning after the (…)

05 Sep

I was told that I write better when the Mets lose. Probably a mixture of being more loquacious when they lose, and that when they win my (…)