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Gary Cohen

06 Apr 19

On WWE day at Citi Field, Saturday’s game started out like Hulk Hogan/Ultimate Warrior from Wrestlemania VI, and ended more like the (…)


After the latest Jacob deGrom loss in which the bats once again decided to take a vacation, it’s easy to say “poor Jacob deGrom”. But (…)

11 Jul 18

I find it interesting that of all the bad seasons that have happened recently … starting with the collapses in 2007 and 2008 and all (…)

30 May 18

Gary Cohen called it a “fascinating disaster”. But two pitchers … one going on the DL with a strained ligament in his in his finger … (…)


It wasn’t at all surprising to be reminded that the Mets had never lost to R.A. Dickey. The fun started before Dickey even got to the (…)


I said it five days ago, I’ll say it today, and I’ll continue to say it every time he starts for the rest of this season: Jacob deGrom (…)

25 Feb 17

It’s always a noted day when the television broadcasters return to work. Gary Cohen fresh off his Seton Hall duty. Ron Darling stops over (…)