Brian Dozier


On WWE day at Citi Field, Saturday’s game started out like Hulk Hogan/Ultimate Warrior from Wrestlemania VI, and ended more like the (…)

01 Aug 18

Last night: Cleveland 6, Twins 2 – The Twins were a little bit deflated after a trade deadline that saw the Twins move more players (…)

12 Jul 18

Last night(s) – Tuesday – Kansas City 9, Twins 4 – After a 4 game sweep of the Orioles, this was sure a stinker, huh? Aaron Slegers’ (…)

26 Jun 18

Last Night: Texas 9, Twins 6 – The Twins jumped to an early lead on Saturday afternoon, but it was quickly erased when Jake Odorizzi and (…)

23 May 18

Last Night: Twins 6, Detroit 0 – The Twins finally got what they were looking for from Lance Lynn, who worked an effective 6 2/3 innings, (…)

18 Jul 17

With two weeks left before the trade deadline, every team has to come to a decision on whether or not they are buying, selling or standing (…)

11 Feb 17

The Twins were in the market for young starting pitching this offseaon, with an emphasis on the type that could make an appearance (…)