Yasiel Puig

23 Aug 19

I kinda feel bad for the Indians. Every team puts out a tweet to announce their lineups. The Indians used theirs on Thursday to try to (…)

20 Dec 18

“Internally we would argue we’re the favorites in the division right now” -Brodie It’s not quite “We’re the team to beat”, but (…)

24 Jun 18

Shame on the Mets for following up on two runs in three innings against one of the greatest pitchers in the world (albeit on a pitch (…)

07 Aug 17

Here’s how much I now expect big losses to the Dodgers: Sunday night’s loss didn’t even get me mad. Justin Turner hits another home run? (…)

06 Aug 17

Seth Lugo was spectacular against the Dodgers for four and 2/3’s innings as he didn’t give up a hit in that time. Michael Conforto, (…)