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Brodie Van Wagenen

01 May

On our podcast (which was recorded on Friday afternoon and am shamelessly linking to here so please listen because it was fun) I (…)


The Mets are at the point know where they are Nicky and Dominic in the sticks getting buried while they’re still breathing. They lost 4-1 to (…)


There are usually a ton of events that go into losing a 3-2 game … a few moments that could have changed the outcome if they were flipped (…)


Friday’s game … ugh. It’s like I have nothing and everything to say about it at the same time. First thing I want to discuss is Billy (…)


It’s over. August 28th, which featured a doubleheader sweep of the Yankees in the Bronx which included a walkoff win by the visitors, was (…)


Full disclosure: I thought the game started at 5:10. Apparently the Mets did too. From what I hear, Clint Frazier was a big factor in the (…)

17 Jan 20

I have to say that I didn’t expect this to be the first rumor in “Mets Managerial Search: Winter Edition”, but these are weird times. Weird (…)

01 Nov 19

You’re not fooling me, Brodie. With the news that Carlos Beltran will be the next manager of the New York Mets, I want to make something (…)

04 Oct 19

The news that Handsome Art Howe has been relieved of his duties have spawned many names. Among them, David Wright might be the one that (…)