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Terry Collins


Friday’s game … ugh. It’s like I have nothing and everything to say about it at the same time. First thing I want to discuss is Billy (…)

01 Nov 19

You’re not fooling me, Brodie. With the news that Carlos Beltran will be the next manager of the New York Mets, I want to make something (…)

05 Jul 19

Screw this, scorched earth tonight. First, I’m blaming Jerry Seinfeld. Yeah, I’m blaming Jerry. He threw the first (…)

21 May 19

In the list of crazy days surrounding this franchise, it’s safe to say that nothing beats the Midnight Massacre … June 15th, 1977, where (…)

25 Apr 19

Well if the Mets were at all in the Phillies’ heads, they just got evicted. The Phillies salvaged the final game of the series against (…)

13 Jun 18

This video was making the twitter rounds tonight. Have you seen it? (Be careful with how high you pot the audio if you’re in a public (…)

02 Oct 17

I don’t know how he did it, but Terry Collins saved his best double switch for last. The season ended yesterday. I’d say “mercifully (…)


The Mets are pulling off a tank job so good you’d think Andrew Luck was in the draft. And they’re somehow doing it before our very eyes, (…)


After blowing a 5-0 lead built on a three run home run by Asdrubal Cabrera and a two run home run by next season’s third baseman Wilmer (…)

18 Aug 17

I’ve said this once before. General managers, managers, coaches … they get fired after series like this. They didn’t get fired after the (…)