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David Peterson

25 Jun

Sequels usually suck anyway, right? The Mets tried a “second verse, same as the first” approach in game two of the doubleheader, tying the (…)

19 Jun

After dealing with the Nationals becoming Chuck Wepner for a night, Francisco Lindor turned into Clubber Lang for the first game of their (…)

14 Jun

With all the questions surrounding David Peterson, this was probably the game out of the next four that the Mets were supposed to drop to (…)

24 May

The 3-6 road trip looks disappointing when you’re just looking at numbers. But of course you know that when you look at the context of (…)

08 May

This is going to be one of those seasons, isn’t it. I mean, silly me for thinking that with Steve Cohen owning that team that the bizarre (…)

27 Apr

Garrett Richards had the Mets on a string all night. Is that really saying much these days? Probably not. But Richards held a clinic on (…)