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Kevin Plawecki

28 Sep 18

You know Jason, you’re kinda belittling Jacob deGrom’s final game of the season by just waltzing in with your 57 mph fastball and your ERA (…)


After the latest Jacob deGrom loss in which the bats once again decided to take a vacation, it’s easy to say “poor Jacob deGrom”. But (…)

01 Aug 18

I made the argument before the game, and I stand by it, that these two months following the trade deadline, which started with Tuesday (…)

28 Jul 18

I really try not to go half-cocked on things as if I was a sports talk show host or caller. But I’m going to here for just a brief second: If (…)

26 Jun 18

Watching Mets games is starting to feel like homework. No atmosphere, no hope, just depression. I had someone say to me on the social media (…)

21 Jun 18

At 2;30 in the morning, it’s hard to really have an opinion on all the twists and turns that happen in a Coors Field game, especially one (…)