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Anthony Swarzak


If a baseball fan goes to hell, the Mets’ 2-1 14 inning loss to the Braves is the game that will be played over and over again. Whether (…)

29 Jun 19

Torture in three acts. Act One: Austin Riley’s home run off Jacob deGrom … You know how CSI has shows in different (…)

28 Sep 18

You know Jason, you’re kinda belittling Jacob deGrom’s final game of the season by just waltzing in with your 57 mph fastball and your ERA (…)


After the latest Jacob deGrom loss in which the bats once again decided to take a vacation, it’s easy to say “poor Jacob deGrom”. But (…)

15 Jul 18

I forgive you if you stopped reading this blog in the middle of May. Even in the virtual world, this feels like an empty house. Much like (…)

14 Jul 18

We heard a lot all season (and off-season) about how Mickey Art Howellaway was going to do different things with the bullpen, and how (…)

28 Jun 18

The incredible thing about the 2018 Mets, and the trait that will be their trademark, is the predictability of the meltdown. I can watch (…)

10 Jun 18

And you thought May was bad. It’s amazing that a game that ends 4-3 in favor of the Yankees feels like so much deeper a divide. The Mets got (…)

06 Jun 18

I’m really going to try to look at this rationally. Sometimes, teams with bad records win. The Orioles did have 17 victories, so why not (…)