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Tim Peterson

04 Apr 19

It was a weird vibe at Citi Field for Opening Day. Not bad, and not anything that I’m going to portray as a harbinger of things to come (…)

04 Apr 19

Last season, I had grown accustomed to writing a post every five days about how great Jacob deGrom was that day … that season. It had (…)

13 Aug 18

Those hoping for a call up of Peter Alonso were only half right. They got a call up of an infielder. But instead, you will accept Jack (…)

15 Jul 18

I forgive you if you stopped reading this blog in the middle of May. Even in the virtual world, this feels like an empty house. Much like (…)

01 Jun 18

Seth Lugo finally got himself a start this season, though it took injuries and general Met Malaise to do it, and he was great. Pitched (…)