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Nick Markakis

29 Jun 19

“It never rains on the ’69 Mets” -Howie Rose “It pours on the ’19 Mets” -Metstradamus It was a very nice, if melancholy, (…)

15 Apr 19

Spoiler Alert: Jacob deGrom didn’t make it to the sixth again. It’s not the streak anybody wants. deGrom threw 114 pitches in five innings (…)

12 Apr 19

It all started with Steven Matz. Freddie Freeman doubled in the first, and Ronald Acuna tripled him home as Juan Lagares got turned around. (…)

28 Mar 19

If you can’t be excited today, stop reading. Wait, why did you continue? Seriously, why are you reading a baseball blog, let alone (…)

18 Dec 18

December 18, 2018 10:01 am · By:

No player has sparked more contrasting views by Braves fan than Nick Markakis over the last few years. For many fans, they see a player who (…)

01 Oct 18

The end of the 2018 Atlanta Braves season is upon us. There’s still much to figure out as far as who the Braves will face in the NLDS, but (…)