luis avilan

08 Sep 19

There will be plenty of time to pick at the carcass of this team. Plenty of time to dissect what exactly went wrong and to try to come (…)

22 Aug 19

You make your own luck. That’s very important when you remember all of this. When you start talking about the supernatural and “destiny” and (…)

10 Aug 19

There’s so much to wade through from Friday. Let’s start at the beginning: Marcus Stroman’s Citi Field Debut The first thing you (…)

17 Jul 19

Steven Matz was getting knocked around the ballyard in Minnesota tonight. His seemingly innocuous line of five hits and one walk in (…)


It all started with Steven Matz. Freddie Freeman doubled in the first, and Ronald Acuna tripled him home as Juan Lagares got turned around. (…)


Last season, I had grown accustomed to writing a post every five days about how great Jacob deGrom was that day … that season. It had (…)