Robert Gsellman

08 Sep

So the Mets listened to me. If you’re going to lose, get blown out. Leave no doubt as to the state of this team. Coming back from six runs (…)

04 Sep

So after all of that, the Mets and Yankees finished right where they started. Of all the Yankees/Mets series that have been played in the (…)

19 Aug

This post is sponsored by Glade. Well actually, it’s not. (If it was, I’d be sitting back and counting all that advertising money coming to (…)

08 Aug

The Mets turned the Marlins Disney Plus adventure into a New Hollywood flick from the 70’s: uncertain and discomforting. The Mets have been (…)

02 Aug 19

So the Mets’ seven game winning streak has vaulted them back into the fringe of the playoff race. It’s time for Handsome Art Howe to manage (…)

01 Aug 19

Each passing win is a siren … one that calls out to re-join the fray and believe that the Mets actually have a shot at this. Wednesday’s (…)

17 Jul 19

Steven Matz was getting knocked around the ballyard in Minnesota tonight. His seemingly innocuous line of five hits and one walk in (…)

29 Jun 19

Torture in three acts. Act One: Austin Riley’s home run off Jacob deGrom … You know how CSI has shows in different (…)