R.A. Dickey

19 Aug 20

This post is sponsored by Glade. Well actually, it’s not. (If it was, I’d be sitting back and counting all that advertising money coming to (…)

27 Sep 18

I said the same thing about R.A. Dickey after the 2012 season, and I’ll say it now. No matter what happens in the Cy Young voting over (…)

27 Sep 17

Some pitches are hard to understand. Some pitchers are hard to understand. Tuesday’s Braves/Mets game was a collision between the (…)

16 Sep 17

It wasn’t at all surprising to be reminded that the Mets had never lost to R.A. Dickey. The fun started before Dickey even got to the (…)

30 Jun 17

This mini-resurgence (and sorry, it’s still a mini-resurgence) is a battle of math vs. (…)