Asdrubal Cabrera

11 Aug 20

Remember when we had five aces? Well I think today was the day that the era of the Mets rotation ended. Thank goodness that Jacob deGrom (…)

05 Aug 20

The first thing that struck me about tonight’s action is the lineup that the Mets put out there against Washington tonight. You saw it if (…)

02 Sep 19

As surprising as it may be to see your favorite pitcher give up 10 runs in three innings, the beauty of baseball is that your fortunes (…)

18 Sep 18

The Mets, of course, will regret their 5-21 June, yet nobody talks about the 10-18 May, which was of course, also bad. The Mets (and us (…)

08 Sep 18

It’s silly to think … as some pundits and people who have been hired to entertain us about the Mets have highlighted … that the Mets (…)