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Rhys Hoskins

30 Apr

I mean, this was a true “only the Mets” loss. First off, to lose a game where the two runs you give up were on a strikeout is just (…)

06 Apr

My Opening Day posts usually have more fanfare than the what this one is about to provide. Then again, Opening Days in general have more (…)


I thought going in that the Mets needed to win three out of four against Philadelphia. But with Zack Wheeler going against David (…)


Friday’s game … ugh. It’s like I have nothing and everything to say about it at the same time. First thing I want to discuss is Billy (…)


The Mets had a chance to crawl back to within three games of the Cubs for the second wild card spot after their 4-0 loss to Milwaukee today. (…)


They’re pulling us back in. The cure for what ailed the Mets has long been Citizens Bank Park, having gone 45-22 there from 2012-18 … with (…)

06 Jul 19

So we’ve had Mickey calling a reporter a motherf***er. We’ve had Jason Vargas threatening to knock said motherf***er out … bro. We now have (…)

05 Jul 19

Screw this, scorched earth tonight. First, I’m blaming Jerry Seinfeld. Yeah, I’m blaming Jerry. He threw the first (…)

25 Apr 19

Well if the Mets were at all in the Phillies’ heads, they just got evicted. The Phillies salvaged the final game of the series against (…)

24 Apr 19

It’s almost as if we’re disappointed when a Mets pitcher doesn’t go seven shutout innings and drive in three runs every night. That’s the (…)