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Brad Brach


Friday’s game … ugh. It’s like I have nothing and everything to say about it at the same time. First thing I want to discuss is Billy (…)

24 Sep 19

As the Mets were 6-0 down after Jorge Alfaro’s grand slam, I was really going to make this a six word post: Can’t lose to the (…)


The Mets like to do things the hard way. Why would you think Tuesday would be any different. First it was Mickey Callaway who asked (…)


First things first: It starts with the starting pitcher and Zack Wheeler wasn’t good tonight. He gave up two runs in the second on a (…)

16 Aug 19

The Mets needed this one in the worst way. And they got it. Also, in the worst way. Well, almost. Maybe winning a game where your star (…)