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Dave Eiland

05 Jul 19

Screw this, scorched earth tonight. First, I’m blaming Jerry Seinfeld. Yeah, I’m blaming Jerry. He threw the first (…)

21 Apr 19

I’m sure Noah Syndergaard wasn’t sitting at his locker over the last few days saying to himself “Jacob deGrom is hurt so I have to step up (…)

01 Aug 18

I made the argument before the game, and I stand by it, that these two months following the trade deadline, which started with Tuesday (…)

13 Jun 18

This video was making the twitter rounds tonight. Have you seen it? (Be careful with how high you pot the audio if you’re in a public (…)

16 May 18

Tuesday marked the first time Noah Syndergaard started a game since pitching coach Dave Eiland’s cryptic comments about him. Let’s recap: (…)

21 Apr 18

It’s nice when you can throw out all the mental notes that you made to go back to when you’re describing a potential Mets loss. Whether it be (…)

24 Mar 18

Those hoping for a full rotation turn of the “five aces” will have to wait a little bit longer. The Mets made a decision based on (…)

09 Mar 18

Nothing is worse than when you’re home on a weekday, and the Mets aren’t even televised on the account. So I made the best of it (…)