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Daniel Murphy

21 Jun 19

I’ve had this thought about Jeff McNeil for a while now. But it really became crystal clear during today’s 5-4 victory at Wrigley. McNeil had (…)

08 Jun 19

The thing about Saturday’s 5-3 Mets win over the Rockies that shouldn’t go unnoticed was Steven Matz going up and in on Daniel (…)

08 Jun 19

Friday started a stretch of 28 games against teams over .500 leading into the All-Star break. They’re probably going to face pitchers who (…)


Jacob deGrom might be more amazing than usual. Not only did he strike out ten batters and give up one run against the Cubs on Tuesday, but (…)

01 Aug 18

I made the argument before the game, and I stand by it, that these two months following the trade deadline, which started with Tuesday (…)

15 Jul 18

I forgive you if you stopped reading this blog in the middle of May. Even in the virtual world, this feels like an empty house. Much like (…)

01 May 18

Checking The Rivals is a new feature where we track the fortunes (and in some cases make fun) of our four rivals in the N.L. East. How (…)

23 Sep 17

In his return from exile, Noah Syndergaard threw one slider, then four fastballs, and got three outs. And as far as anybody knows, he (…)


The Mets are pulling off a tank job so good you’d think Andrew Luck was in the draft. And they’re somehow doing it before our very eyes, (…)


After blowing a 5-0 lead built on a three run home run by Asdrubal Cabrera and a two run home run by next season’s third baseman Wilmer (…)