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Justin Turner

30 May 19

That was disgusting. Baseball fans feel the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, and like tonight, they feel both in the span of an (…)

29 May 19

So after a disjointed trip home because of possible tornadoes, soaked trains and 6th Avenue being shut down for some stupid reason, the top (…)

03 Sep 18

When Justin Turner hit an early home run of Jacob deGrom on Monday, it took away his margin of error for the night. It could have all gone (…)

30 Aug 17

The Mets are pulling off a tank job so good you’d think Andrew Luck was in the draft. And they’re somehow doing it before our very eyes, (…)

09 Aug 17

Not only did the Mets win a ballgame on Tuesday, but they defeated the Rangers 5-4. It was the first Rangers 5-4 loss I can remember that (…)

07 Aug 17

Here’s how much I now expect big losses to the Dodgers: Sunday night’s loss didn’t even get me mad. Justin Turner hits another home run? (…)

06 Aug 17

Seth Lugo was spectacular against the Dodgers for four and 2/3’s innings as he didn’t give up a hit in that time. Michael Conforto, (…)

07 Jul 17

There has to be a lot of things that need to happen for the 2017 season to approach the depths of 2009 or 1993. But 2017 has it’s own (…)