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Javy Baez


It occurred to me while I was on my way to Citi Field for “Closing Night” that I will had gone to three games during the 2021 season. (…)


This was probably the last moment of the season that you could say the Mets and their fans were looking at, and looking forward to. Noah (…)

27 Sep

The Mets might as well have put out a lineup that looked like this: CF Crewman Grant SS Horta Fodder RF Crewman Hendorff 1B Lieutenant (…)

15 Sep

The Braves lost. The Phillies lost. The Reds lost. The Padres lost. The Mets could have gained on all of them in the standings, including (…)

14 Sep

At about 11:30 this morning I got an e-mail titled “We Want You Back”. Yup, a Mets season ticket representative … on the morning after the (…)

11 Sep

I can’t freakin’ believe it’s been 20 years. I’m terrible at posting on September 11th. I have no great inspiring story on where I was that (…)

10 Sep

It’s always good to play spoiler. But playing spoiler against the Yankees brings about an existential crisis here in town for Mets fans. (…)

09 Sep

The first part of the season really held such promise. They survived a ton of injuries, we were introduced to the bench mob, Aaron Loup was a (…)

07 Sep

First off: Stupid Marlins and their stupid 6:40 start times. I flipped on SNY at about 6:52 and expected to see Gary Apple tell me something (…)

05 Sep

I was told that I write better when the Mets lose. Probably a mixture of being more loquacious when they lose, and that when they win my (…)

31 Aug

There were eight innings of frustration during a game that actually started on April 11th. Taijuan Walker gave up three runs in four and (…)

30 Aug

It just might be because I’m getting old, but I can’t remember the last time I booed a Mets player. I mean sure, I marched down to the (…)

27 Aug

Usually when a Mets team goes south for the summer, it’s a team effort. Mets teams have been no.torious for finding a different way to (…)

22 Aug

I’ve picked on J.D. Davis a lot over the last few days. Deserved? Maybe. But it’s only fair to focus on what J. Dingers did right on (…)