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Ron Darling

13 Apr 19

I guess the Mets finally experimented with the opener. If only that were true. So it was mildly annoying when Mickey Callaway basically (…)

11 Apr 19

I really haven’t been pimping the whole Ron Darling/Lenny Dykstra thing, but our friends at Sports Talk NY Live (heard on 540 AM in New (…)

11 Jul 18

I find it interesting that of all the bad seasons that have happened recently … starting with the collapses in 2007 and 2008 and all (…)


These are sliders: These particular sliders are from Dirty Pierre’s in Forest Hills. They never, ever disappoint you. The (…)

08 Apr 17

(Note: This is a two-fer as we discuss the last two games …) Johnny: [after Taylor signals to the bullpen] He wants the (…)

25 Feb 17

It’s always a noted day when the television broadcasters return to work. Gary Cohen fresh off his Seton Hall duty. Ron Darling stops over (…)