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Josh Edgin

29 Jun 17

Starting pitching has been such a key to the past few seasons. Unfortunately, it’s been on the negative side this season. So when (…)

03 Jun 17

So I see the Mets have thrown back to 2016 for Saturday’s 4-2 win over Pittsburgh: Get good pitching, and score everything on home runs. Last (…)

03 Jun 17

Our bi-weekly podcast that we recorded this morning was very timely. Take a listen if you get a chance. We record on Friday mornings. I (…)

01 Jun 17

Jacob deGrom didn’t have it. Seven runs in four innings, including Eric Thames’ first home run in three weeks. deGrom threw 105 pitches, (…)

29 Apr 17

If this season turns around because Terry Collins gave his standard “no more excuses” speech at the end of Thursday’s loss, we’ll (…)

24 Feb 17

It’s always a challenge for us as a species to not overreact to the first game of spring training. Especially the individual performances. (…)