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Curtis Granderson

27 Sep 19

Handsome Art Howe rode his horse hard in this race … possibly the final race at Citi Field for Zack Wheeler. Wheeler was humming along (…)

06 Aug 19

It’s hard to sweep a doubleheader. It’s hard because things happen. The Marlins are the Marlins, but there will always be things like (…)

12 Jul 19

As if the apathy wasn’t already washing over me for the second half of the 2019 season, GM Brodie Von Monorail held a “State of the Mets” (…)

30 Sep 18

I wore a Ty Wigginton jersey tonight. Let me explain … Now that I’m getting older, I can more clearly remember the beginnings of careers. (…)

06 Feb 18

I have to be careful before I completely blast this latest Mets move, if only because Todd Frazier seems popular enough to be Curtis (…)

23 Sep 17

In his return from exile, Noah Syndergaard threw one slider, then four fastballs, and got three outs. And as far as anybody knows, he (…)

20 Aug 17

So we’re waiting on line to get in early to get our Cespedes bobbleheads and we overhear a conversation behind us. It’s a long (…)

16 Aug 17

Carrying a losing team on your back must cause fatigue. You saw it in Jacob deGrom on Tuesday, as he went seven and a third hard innings (…)

15 Aug 17

I wanted to say that Terry Collins was at fault for using Hansel Robles for a second inning of work. But I did some research and Robles (…)