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Lucas Duda

05 Aug 20

The first thing that struck me about tonight’s action is the lineup that the Mets put out there against Washington tonight. You saw it if (…)

04 Jan 20

So we finally found out what really happened on Yoenis Cespedes’ ranch which caused him to fracture both heels and miss the entirety of the (…)

09 Sep 18

I feel like I’m in some sort of Twilight Zone … an alternate universe where the Mets do things right. I don’t know how to handle (…)

12 Aug 17

7-6 victories over the Phillies mean very little at this point … other than the fact that the Mets currently own them in their own (…)

01 Aug 17

There is always a lot of chatter regarding the baseball draft about drafting for need rather than “best available athlete”. The Mets’ (…)

28 Jul 17

For those of you who boycott Yankee games, here’s the highlight of Lucas Duda’s first night with the Tampa By Rays … It was the Rays’ (…)

21 Jul 17

Back in 1988, Darryl Strawberry was asked about someday playing for the Dodgers, returning to his roots in Southern California. Strawberry (…)

15 Jul 17

The Mets must be concerned about my sleep patterns, because they’re making it a point out of the break to get games over with early so I (…)