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D.J. LeMahieu


It’s over. August 28th, which featured a doubleheader sweep of the Yankees in the Bronx which included a walkoff win by the visitors, was (…)


“I definitely wanted to get the ball up.” -Dellin Betances And that … you did. So, congratulations. Mission accomplished. We’ll (…)

21 Jun 18

At 2;30 in the morning, it’s hard to really have an opinion on all the twists and turns that happen in a Coors Field game, especially one (…)

04 Aug 17

I will keep this brief, and will try to appeal to whatever senses Terry Collins has left. Look, Terry, I’m done with trying to convince (…)

02 Aug 17

The good news is that Amed Rosario is up with the big club. The bad news is that in his debut, Rosario did not hit a 24-run homer to put (…)