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Fred Wilpon

21 Sep 20

If you rolled up 2020 into a three hour highlight film, it would be Sunday’s loss to the Atlanta Braves. First off, one hit. One hit while (…)


The Mets are at the point know where they are Nicky and Dominic in the sticks getting buried while they’re still breathing. They lost 4-1 to (…)


Full disclosure: I thought the game started at 5:10. Apparently the Mets did too. From what I hear, Clint Frazier was a big factor in the (…)

27 Jun 19

Hello Friends. I don’t even know what to say anymore. There is so much wrong with this team, this organization, that fixing it would require (…)

31 Oct 18

I just don’t know about Brodie Van Wagenen. That statement comes off as me being contrary to a whole bunch of people that like him, while (…)

02 Aug 18

Some may say Wednesday was worse than Tuesday. Well, one would say it. That one would be the guy who was at Citi Field on a warm Sunday in (…)

24 Jul 18

You ever have your DVR record something automatically because it believes the show is first run, and then you go and watch it only to (…)