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Jose Berrios

11 Jul

The perspective surrounding the pending trade deadline, really from all corners, is that this trade deadline is going to blow whichever (…)

22 Aug 18

Last Night: Minnesota 5, Chicago White Sox 2 – The Twins and White Sox were delayed by 50 minutes, because these two teams are never allowed (…)

25 Jul 18

Last Night: Twins 5, Blue Jays 0 – In case the Twins make any deals in the next week where pitchers are dealt to other teams, please remember (…)

09 Jul 18

Last Night: Twins 10, Baltimore 1 – The Twins came through with the 4 game home sweep of the Orioles after their disastrous road trip. (…)

26 Jun 18

Last Night – Twins 2, Texas 0 – The Twins got 12 strikeouts from Jose Berrios, and their scuffling offense was let off the hook by their (…)

26 Jul 17

With some maneuvering over the past couple of weeks, the Twins have a completely revamped rotation. Let’s check in with the starting 5. (…)

17 Jan 17

Nearly universally, writers and fans applauded Rob Antony for trading Ricky Nolasco to Anaheim, along with Alex Meyer, for Hector Santiago. (…)