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Tag Archive: Pacific-12

Men’s College Volleyball by the Numbers!

So, tonight, let’s summarize the state of men’s college volleyball in all five facets of men’s college volleyball – Division I, Division II, NAIA, Division…
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Volleyball World Sees Cardinal as Stanford Wins DI Title

Stanford was the last team standing in the DI national tournament at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio, on Saturday night, 12/17/2016. The Cardinal topped…
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DI Championship Match

In the words of the fantastic BYU volleyball commentator Steve Vail, “WOW!” I don’t know if anyone across the volleyball world anticipated an NCAA DI…
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Final Four Semis

The DI tournament has reached the semifinals and play has moved to the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. There are four teams left standing from…
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Net Set Men’s NC Preseason Rankings

When applied to sports teams, a poll (sometimes called a rating) involves an opinion of a team’s performances by someone who is knowledgeable about both…
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DI Quarterfinals

The DI tournament has reached the quarterfinals and play has moved to the four regional sites of Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Texas, which corresponds to…
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Net Set DI Rankings 11/28/16

What is the difference between a “poll” and a “ranking” when applied to sports teams? A poll, sometimes known as a rating, involves an opinion…
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DI Rankings 11/21/2016

The Net Set Ranking is a numerical average based upon the performances of teams in four other polls or rankings. In the Net Set Ranking,…
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