Canadiens 3, Rangers 1 (Habs 2-1)

Canadiens 3, Rangers 1 (Habs 2-1)

NY Rangers

Canadiens 3, Rangers 1 (Habs 2-1)

The New York Rangers lost to the Montreal Canadiens by the score of 3-1 in Game 3 of their Eastern Conference Quarterfinal match-up. Montreal leads the series 2-1. For a box score, click here.

3 Goats

1st Goat – Playoff games at MSG. (The Rangers have lost six straight playoff games at MSG while being out scored 21-4)

2nd Goat – MSG crowd (I’m sure the Rangers lackluster play was a big reason, but MSG crowd was in preseason form tonight).

3rd Goat – Preparation (I don’t care what anyone says, this team was not ready to play this game.)

Post Game Cocktail Recommendation

With every Rangers player not named Lundqvist being virtually invisible tonight, let’s go with an Invisible Man.

Photo of the Game

We can’t figure it out either, Chris.

Where’s The Passion?

How I expected the Rangers to start tonight’s game…

What we got…

The shock I felt watching the Rangers physicality the first two games is nothing compared to how flummoxed I am about their lack of passion tonight.

This is the playoffs!!!!! I’ve seen more intensity from my son’s t-ball team. It’s an honor and a privilege to have the opportunity to compete for the Stanley Cup and the Rangers played with the urgency of a Sunday morning rec league team. Inexcusable.

Sadly, this game was very reminiscent of last year’s embarrassment against the Penguins. Gut check time for sure.

Hey Hanna…

The Rangers didn’t deserve any breaks tonight, however, with the Canadiens leading 1-0 in the third period, the refs missed this blatant penalty on Nash…

And of course, just seconds later, Shea Weber put the game out of reach…

After the goal, I was fully expecting Nash to pull one of these…

Missed Opportunities

When you’re unable to generate much offense, it’s imperative that you take advantage of the few chances that present themselves. Unfortunately, the Rangers missed two absolute tap-ins…

Mini Recap

How I felt after this one…

What the hell happened to all the bad blood and hatred we witnessed in the first two games? Tonight was down right peaceful. No post whistle scrums. No chippiness. Nothing. It was like the first two games didn’t happen and the two teams were feeling each other out for the first time.

For as awful as the Rangers were, the Canadiens didn’t play all that desperate either. While Lundqvist was forced to make some sparkling saves, somehow, despite the Rangers putrid play, I didn’t think Montreal necessarily dominated the game. I still feel the Canadiens are very beatable.

Before the series, I felt that the Rangers would be playing right into Montreal’s hands by attempting to bang bodies with them. And while the Blueshirts proved me wrong for the first five periods of this series, I wonder if it’s finally catching up to this team as their play has been lackluster for the last four periods plus overtime. Might be time to add some more offense by inserting Buchnevich and possibly Clendending.

Anyone in front of Carey Price yet? Let me check. Nope.

Undisciplined penalty from Zuccarello who was otherwise uncharacteristically quiet tonight. I wonder if Gallagher is getting Zucc off his game.

I thought only Holden gave the puck away. I guess that’s a team wide thing.

Stepan, Zibanejad, Hayes and Lindberg have combined for just 3 points (all assists) so far this series. So much for the Rangers having the advantage up the middle.

Lundqvist staring at his teammates in the locker room postgame…

This power play is close to entering Mike Sullivan territory.

I’m not sure if it’s Vigneault or the players, but when Claude Julien made the proper adjustments to clog the neutral zone, the Rangers didn’t counter. Very rarely did they get the puck deep. And when they did, it wasn’t with much purpose.

While Zibanejad continues to look lost, Derick Brassard continues to score clutch playoff goals…

17.3 seconds from a 2-0 series lead to now down 2-1.

Still plenty of time to retake control of this series, but they need to find their game and find it quick.

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