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Live Action Phanalysis— Eagles host Chargers at the Linc

San Diego Chargers (0-1) vs. Philadelphia Eagles (1-0)
Sunday, September 15, 2013
1:00 P.M. EST
Feels different to be playing an early afternoon game on a Sunday, doesn't it? It's been a while…

Predictions for this one are all over the board. Both teams believe the best defense is a good offense.

Something's gotta give…

The good news is the weather has cooled down in the Philly area.

It was very humid at FedEx Field on Monday night. As Phil Sheridan reported to us, center Jason Kelce said he needed to hit the oxygen tank for the first time since college (in fairness, it was only Kelce’s 19th NFL game). Kelly said he would be more careful to rotate players in order to keep them fresh. But this will be an issue all season for the Eagles. But for today's game, the cooler temps should help.

For the Chargers to have a good chance today, Phil Rivers has to be "on"…and it will be in the Eagles' interest to get some kind of defensive disruption into Rivers' tempo. The Texans did manage to hold Rivers to 263 total yards on offense, but he still managed to put 28 points up. 

No need for me to further "analyze this"—  let the smart phans take over. Take it away, gentlemen and ladies—and play ball!