Nice problems to have for Eagles

Nice problems to have for Eagles


Nice problems to have for Eagles


Here’s a realistic take on the “salary cap problem” facing the Eagles as the team heads into the free agency period of the NFL calendar year. It comes from Leo Pizzini, one of our esteemed Bored alumni:

“We’ve got a Super Bowl Champion team with like 20 of the 22 starters under contract… I think in that scenario… you should definitely be up against the cap and not really looking to sign free agents… but… Rosebud definitely still needs to clear some cap space… Curry, Torrey and Celek are the three that jump out the most… dollars to production vs. positional depth… and Jason Peters at 36 coming off an ACL is a tough call too… but… except for TE (although Billy Brown was highly regarded in camp last year)… you’ve got depth at the other positions… DE looks good with Barnett, Long and Means, WR looks good with Mack Hollins to fill for Torrey if need be (gonna probably need to add a WR if Torrey does get released), and Vaitai carried the torch last season at LT… so… it’s not the worst situation… until next year when we gotta pay Wentz… then the shit is gonna hit the fan… lol…”

In other words, it’s a nice problem to have…

Regarding Wentz’ needing to get paid in 2019, Leo explains further:

I may have it wrong… but after “year 3″ teams are allowed to write long term renegotiated contracts over rookie deals and its customary to extend a franchise player at that point… but… if they all agree to run the deal to the full length of the rookie contract that is a score!”

Australia’s biggest Eagles fan Bob “Beans” Downe chimes in:

I’ve discussed this before at EaglesEye blog at Sports Daily…leftover Cap rolls over now + the Cap increase is averaging around $8 to 10 million per year. Do you save any for the Wentz contact and pay a big lump sum up front of guaranteed cash?… or spend it on a couple of great free agents while the pre-Wentz Contract dynasty window is open in a Win Now attitude? Well… we won now! Now what? Gotta really perform in the front office to stay up there on the field.”

Then Chris “ATV” Ruggiero addresses the Nick Foles question:

“Which is why trading Foles makes sense… cap space, plus we need some more young guys for when we are up against the cap after paying Carson, and the Eagles get something for him before he leaves on his own accord.”

National columnist John Feinstein is on record as saying the Eagles should NOT trade Nick Foles, using the logical argument “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” He also points out that coming back from an ACL/LCL surgery is not a sure-fire 9 month process. For many athletes, it may take up to two years before the medical comeback is complete.

A lot to ponder, for we fans as well as the front office. But still basking in the afterglow of winning, I tend to appreciate these are nice problems to have.
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The Philadelphia Eagles just pulled off one of the biggest trades of the offseason, acquiring Michael Bennett and a seventh-round pick from the Seattle Seahawks in exchange for Marcus Johnson and a fifth-round pick, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports.

Bennett, 6-4, 274, a Pro Bowl defensive end for the Seahawks, had 40 tackles and 8.5 sacks for the Seahawks in 2017. The 32-year old has 54 sacks in nine NFL seasons. Bennett has 23.5 sacks over the last three years, earning a Pro Bowl selection in each of those seasons.

Bennett is owed $7,375,00 in 2018 and has three years remaining on his contract. He’s owed $26,325,000 until 2020. Johnson played sparingly with the Eagles last season, catching five passes for 45 yards.

Hmmm, just imagine a 4-man rush on passing downs with Bennett and Fletcher Cox working from the inside and Graham and Barnett crashing down from the outside? This could be fun.

I am told the Atlanta Falcons were also in on the bidding for a trade for Bennett.

For some who may be worried about the “social awareness baggage” Bennett brings to the mix, you can rest your mind easy. Most of the players around the league really like the guy. Plus, he does a lot of charity work on the side which almost nobody talks about.

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