European football already planning to resume play soon

European football already planning to resume play soon


European football already planning to resume play soon


With the only competitive football in Europe being played in Belarus, there has been some movement on the possibility of the major European leagues resuming play.  While the timeline could certainly slip should the virus re-emerge, England and Germany seem to be planning for a return to the pitch soon.

The authorities in Germany have allowed clubs in the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 to return to training, ahead of plans for games to take place behind closed doors beginning in early May.  There are nine league matches remaining in the current season, allowing the teams to complete their campaigns by the end of June.  

In England, a video conference of all 20 Premier League clubs is due to take place this Friday in order to discuss and outline a tentative schedule for the resumption of league play in the coming weeks.  

It is widely believed that the EFL, which includes the Championship, League One and League Two, is working towards games being played from June 6 onwards after an initial three-week mini preseason starting on May 16.  It is thought that the English Premier League will also try to adhere to a similar schedule at their Friday meeting. Most of the teams in the EPL and the EFL have nine games remaining, almost guaranteeing summer football in England. 

Or course, both the EPL and EFL plans depend entirely on government consent based on the extent of the lockdown measures in the United Kingdom, but there is optimism that football can return by the beginning of June, albeit behind closed doors.

In Spain, the government has slightly relaxed the work restrictions in the country, and it is possible some of the teams will begin small-sided practices soon assuming the viral curve is headed in the right direction.  At this stage, La Liga has yet to divulge a timetable for a possible return to action. As for Serie A in Italy, there is no word as to when the league might return to the pitch. But with both Spain and Italy being especially hard hit by Covid-19, it is thought they will wisely wait for the virus numbers to drop substantially before play commences in either country. 


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