Messi vs LAFC Tickets Are More Expensive than LA Rams Season Tickets

Messi vs LAFC Tickets Are More Expensive than LA Rams Season Tickets

Inter Miami tickets against Los Angeles FC have surged 37 percent overnight. Of course, it’s no surprise that Messi tickets are getting expensive, as fans are willing to pay an outrageous amount of money to go watch the superstar play.

After every game he plays, ticket prices for the next game on Inter Miami’s schedule shoot up in value.

Next, Inter Miami will travel on the road on Saturday to take on Los Angeles FC. Earlier this week prices were only $574. In less than 24 hours, ticket prices have risen by 37 percent and are selling for a minimum of $789 just to get in the door.

Los Angeles FC Tickets vs Inter Miami are 730% More Expensive Than Regular Season Games

The prices to go see Messi play in the U.S. are getting out of control.

Right now the “get in” price against the LAFC is around $789. Fans wanting to get seats close to the field will be looking at forking up more than $36,000.

To put those numbers into perspective, the average LAFC games are priced around $95 a ticket. Given that LAFC is one of the best teams in the league, $95 is considered expensive for MLS teams.

For the game against Messi, fans are expected to pay 730 percent more on the secondary market for tickets.

Around 85 percent of tickets against Inter Miami were sold to season ticket holders. With a 22,500-seat stadium, that means around 20,000 tickets were given to season ticket holders, one of the highest percentages in the league.

The average game at LAFC produces around $2.025 million in gate revenue.

Messi Tickets Against LAFC are More Expensive Than L.A. Rams Season Tickets

Since Messi joined the league, the average ticket price for his games has by increased by more than five times for an average of $161, which is 64 percent above the league average.

The game on Sunday between Inter Miami vs. LAFC will be the second-highest-selling MLS game of the season and the third-highest in MLS history.

It’s more expensive to go see Messi at BMO stadium than it is to watch all of the LA Rams home games in the brand new SoFi Stadium.

Fans can get Rams season tickets for $775 for a total of eight games.

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