Stephen Curry fires back at Maverick Carter over criticism of his defense

Stephen Curry fires back at Maverick Carter over criticism of his defense

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Stephen Curry fires back at Maverick Carter over criticism of his defense


It’s no secret that Stephen Curry and LeBron James aren’t really the best of buddies. The two are passionate competitors, and played against one another a number of times in the NBA Finals, getting into it a few times on the court during that time.

And when James reportedly using Curry’s likeness as a prop in one of his Halloween parties in the past — inviting his former Cavs teammates and other attendees to essentially step on a skeleton that looked like the Warriors guard to get in — that didn’t go over well, especially since Cleveland had come back from a 3-1 deficit to defeat Golden State in the NBA Finals.

But the two have stayed out of each other’s way the past few years at least, with James not appearing in the Finals last season — for a change — and Curry having been injured for the majority of this season.

However, James’ business partner, Maverick Carter, recently took a major shot at Curry, saying the following on Uninterrupted’s “WRTS: After Party” show, saying he “can’t f—ing play defense.”

“I’m 38, haven’t played a decent game of basketball in 18 years, and Steph would have trouble guarding me,” Carter added. “But Steph is the greatest shooter in the world. When that mother f—er gets rolling, you can’t stop him. He can hit any shot from anywhere on the court.”

It didn’t take Steph long to respond, which he did on a webcast series, “Pursue Your Passion.”

“There’s a relevant headline this morning, someone talking about my defense,” Curry said.” “I hear it all. I don’t go looking for it. I got some goons out there that send me every link possible if somebody says something. I know what’s up. You know my sense of humor. I don’t ever get bent out of shape about things I can’t control.”

Curry continued:

“At the end of the day, you look stupid if you’re trying to use my name to get some pub or some heat or some clicks, whatever it is,” he said. “I have no problem letting stuff live knowing that people who actually know what they’re talking about are going to speak facts and truth. When I’m done playing and retired, there’s still going to be haters; there’s still going to be haters. The hate’s always louder than the praise sometimes, which sucks, but I’m so unbothered.”

Steph is right. What Carter says means nothing, as he doesn’t play in the NBA, and while he may be connected to the league, he’s just another guy.

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