Calvin Booth’s Quotes Were Not Meant for the Public

The Denver Nuggets celebrate after center Nikola Jokic

Denver Nuggets general manager (GM), Calvin Booth, has been under some scrutiny in the past couple of days. Booth talked about trading Bones Hyland and losing Bruce Brown in free agency in a piece that was published by The Ringer. Some of these remarks were taken out of context and he sat in on ESPN broadcast of the Los Angeles Clippers Denver Nuggets matchup to clarify his remarks.

“Under no circumstances would I make or approve of those kinds of comments for public consumption,” Booth said. “That’s not my character, as a person or an executive.”

Hopefully, Booth’s comments now make more sense after clearing them up on national television.

Denver Nuggets GM, Calvin Booth, Says Quotes Were Not Meant for Public Consumption

Calvin Booth’s Success as a GM

Calvin Booth has already done what few GM’s have accomplished. Much of the foundation for the Denver Nuggets was already in place thanks to former GM, Tim Connelly. Booth was still able to assemble a great supporting cast around Nikola Jokic.

The result was the team’s first title in franchise history. Without Booth making moves such as signing Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Bruce Brown, Denver would not have won the NBA Finals. Not to mention, Christian Braun and Peyton Watson were draft picks who made valuable contributions and will have extended roles this coming season. There are some peers who need to take into account his success as a GM before taking some of his quotes about certain players out of context.

His Comments About Bones Hyland and Bruce Brown

For those who missed it, Calvin Booth had this to say about Bones Hyland and the situation around the NBA Trade Deadline.

“I knew you couldn’t have two guys that couldn’t guard, and we couldn’t have two guys that were young and kind of more ‘me guys,’” Booth said. “Mike makes $30 million. He’s one of the best shooters in the NBA. So, Bones, there’s no place for you.”

This is what Booth said about Bruce Brown.

“Some of these teams were trying to get Bruce, trying to make it worth it; it’s like, just be careful what you wish for,” Booth said about the rivals that pursued Brown. “Peyton’s bigger. He’s longer. He’s more athletic. He guards better. He passes better. He doesn’t have the experience, and he’s not as good offensively yet, but we need defense more than we need offense on our team.”

Considering these remarks were not meant to be made public, much of this situation surrounding Calvin Booth now makes more sense.

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